This blog has been created to help one of the most important elements of nature - Bees. These little troopers are really struggling at the moment. We need bees not just for pollination, but to maintain the biodiversity of our precious planet. Why is this happening? Answers are beginning to emerge, but we need to work together. In this blog, you will find out where to get information, how you can help, and links to organisations that are working hard to save bees from extinction. Please help this cause - we need bees for much more than you think.

This blog will be updated regularly with new information about the bees. This will include links to press releases, articles and other web/blog pages.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Saving Welsh Bees - "We'll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside"

Welsh Environment Minister -  John Griffiths, has a plan of action to save his country's bees
"Proposals include planting more bee-friendly plants in areas such as railway embankments and road verges."

 Read the full report in this BBC News Wales news report:

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Are Our Bees Being Heard

Last night BBC Four highlighted the plight of our honey bees, adding to the recent flux of programmes about  our dying bees.  Given that there appears to be some publicity about this hot subject now, and the general public more aware of the problem (hopefully), what more do you think should be done?  Are Schools doing enough to encourage children to look after their environment?  Should the Government be doing more? Let us know your views

Missed it?  Catch up with the programme on BBC iplayer (until 30th July 2012).  Just follow this link:

BBC Four - Who Killed The Honey Bee

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bad News For Bees - and other wildlife

Yesterday theguardian reported that, due to the exceptionally bad weather in the UK, many wildlife (including bees) are going to suffer the consequences next year.

At least the frogs are well fed this year - with slug populations at an all-time high

Read the full article here:

'Apocalyptic' summer for wildlife – except slugs, says National Trust

What is the wildlife doing in your garden/allotment?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

50,000 Bees Move House

Imagine going away for a month, then coming back to 50,000 bees in the cavity of your home.  That's what happened to Larry Chen.  See how the local 'bee man' dealt with it in this video: